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General Information - MS/DI Distance Track

The Master’s of Science in Nutrition and Dietetic Internship combination (MS/DI) option allows an intern to get an online MS degree in Nutrition at UH along with completing the requirements for supervised practice and obtaining a verification statement from the UH Dietetic Internship - either the onsite or distance track. Please note that if you apply and are accepted to the MS/DI option of either track, you will also be required to apply to the UH graduate school.

The MS in Nutrition at UH is a fully online non-thesis Master of Science (MS) degree in Nutrition (30 credits) that provides a comprehensive course of study to prepare advanced practitioners in clinical nutrition, clinical management, and health & wellness.

The MS in Nutrition Program is a full-time program with a cohort-based plan of study. Students are required to enroll full-time and must advance through a pre-determined curriculum in sequence with their cohort. Students are required to successfully pass each course in a given semester in order to advance to the subsequent semester with their cohort and progress in the program. Students who do not pass a course, or who withdraw from a course, will not be able to progress with their cohort in the program. Students may be able to rejoin the program at a later date if allowed by program policy and approved by the program chair/director.

You will need to apply for and accepted into both programs - The online MS in nutrition program and the UH Dietetic Internship program.

The University of Houston Dietetic Internship program is an ACEND (Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics, 120 South Riverside Plaza Ste 2190, Chicago IL 60606-6995, Ph: 1-800-877-1600 ext 5400) accredited, post-baccalaureate supervised practice program that qualifies graduates to take the examination to become Registered Dietitians. Interns begin supervised practice rotations during the second semester of the MS/DI program (Spring or Summer semester) after attending orientation in January or June. A minimum of 1000 hours of supervised practice must be completed. The program goals reflect the major points of our philosophy: quality instruction and broad-based site training which enables graduates to land meaningful professional employment in a variety of areas upon completion. The internship is administratively housed within the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Health and Human Performance.

The University of Houston Dietetic Internship Distance Track is designed to allow interns to complete their supervised practice requirements in their local setting using sites and preceptors of their choice. Prospective interns are required to obtain agreements with qualified preceptors in the areas of Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT), management, community nutrition, and an elective rotation to complete their requirements. These rotations may be accomplished in more than one setting. Preceptors must be set up prior to applying to the UHDI. The strength of the sites and preceptors for achieving the required competencies will be an integral part of the selection process. Sites and preceptors are subject to approval by UHDI.

The program is approved to take up to 30 interns annually, 15 in fall and 15 in spring. Internship orientation will occur at the beginning of the second semester in the MS/DI program. Prior to the internship orientation, interns are required to complete a set of on-line modules designed to review and reinforce didactic learning. After successful completion of the modules, interns must attend a virtual orientation/pre-rotation experience beginning in January or July. Actual rotations will begin following orientation.

Interns will communicate with the director weekly throughout the supervised practice experience. Evaluations will occur with the program director weekly; preceptors will be providing feedback at regularly scheduled points in the rotation.