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After you’re accepted….

New interns will be contacted shortly after acceptance with instructions and information about the upcoming class. The following items will be required of all incoming interns:

  1. A verification statement showing completion of a ACEND accredited DPD program along with a final transcript from your undergraduate institution is required before the internship rotations begin.  Failure to produce these documents may result in a delay in the start of the internship program.
  2. Immunizations. The facilities we partner with require a number of immunizations, interns will be expected to have all immunizations required by the supervised practice sites they work with. This includes annual TB testing, MMR, Varicella, HepB, Tdap, annual Flu, Covid with boosters among others. Note that the hepatitis B series is a six month process so interns that don’t already have this vaccination series will need to start the process immediately. Interns must have completed the first two shots prior to starting rotations.
  3. Medical insurance. Interns must provide proof of medical insurance coverage.
  4. Auto insurance. Interns must provide proof of current auto insurance. Interns must provide their own transportation throughout the internship. Onsite track interns should be prepared to travel up to 30 miles to assigned sites.
  5. Background checks. Some sites require criminal background checks. Failure of a background check will result in immediate dismissal from the program.
  6. Drug Screening. Some sites require drug screening. Failure of a drug screen will result in immediate dismissal from the program.
  7. Lab coats and professional attire. All interns must provide their own lab coats and will be required to dress in professional attire at all assigned sites.
  8. Computer access. Interns are required to have daily access to a personal computer and to have an active email account - no exceptions.

In addition to the above items, interns are expected to have a solid working knowledge of medical terminology, exchange lists, nutrition assessment and MNT as well as working knowledge of Power point, Excel and Microsoft Word. Interns may be held out of rotations until these skills are at workable levels.