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Finding sites and preceptors

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT): Acceptable sites for MNT rotation included acute care hospitals, long term care facilities, Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) facilities, or rehab care centers. The MNT rotation is 10 weeks in length and must include experiences in critical care. Interns are required to perform at least one week of staff relief at the end of the MNT rotation to demonstrate competence at an entry-level. The facility must have a minimum of one full time Registered Dietitian to serve as the primary preceptor.

Management rotation is 4 weeks in length. Acceptable sites include health care facilities, such as hospitals, long-term care, assisted living or rehab centers, or school food service. The rotation may be completed in one or more facilities. Preceptors are not required to be Registered Dietitians but must demonstrate competence in the areas of food service and management through their work experience, academic training or both.

Community nutrition rotations (8 weeks) may include WIC or Head Start experiences, outpatient counseling (if not covered in the MNT rotation), wellness and LTC (if not covered in the MNT rotation), in addition to public health/community programs.

Elective rotation is 4 weeks in length and can be in an area of the intern's choosing. Competencies for the elective rotation will be developed as a collaboration between the program director, preceptor, and intern. Preceptors don't necessarily have to be Registered Dietitians.

Prospective preceptors are encouraged to contact the Assistant Directors for the UHDI Distance Track for questions about the acceptability of elective sites or for any additional information.