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Application Checklist

Onsite Track Contact:

Ms. Claudia Scott
Director, Dietetic Internship
University of Houston
3875 Holman, Rm 104 GAR
Houston, TX  77204-6015

Office: 207 Cameron
Phone : (713) 743-4025
Fax: (713) 743-9860

Tuition and fees - Onsite Track


Tuition $8000.00
Application fee    $50.00
Housing Variable, $600-$1200 per month
Parking  Variable, $20-$100 month
Books   $100.00
Lab coats   $50.00
Professional and general liability   covered by UH
Drug screens   covered by UH
Background check   covered by UH

Out-of-state interns pay the same tuition fees as Texas residents.

Financial Aid

UHDI internship only (standalone option) students are not considered students enrolled at UH and therefore are not eligible to receive student financial aid.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is required for UH interns, UH student health insurance is not available to interns (standalone option).


There are a wide variety of apartment complexes located near the University of Houston and in central Houston. Moving to a central location within Houston is advantageous due to the number of internship sites possible for interns to be assigned to in the greater Houston area. Like most cities, rents depend on the location and type of complex or unit. Because this program can be challenging, housing arrangements should be made prior to starting.

Some possibilities include getting in touch with current and former interns who live in Houston. Names of the individuals can be obtained from the Dietetic Internship upon your acceptance into the program.