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Why The University Of Houston Dietetic Internship?

Options. Lots of them. It’s one of the really unique features of the University of Houston Dietetic Internship.
Onsite track: With more than 40 active sites, Onsite UH interns have lots of options to choose from. Would you like to participate in nutrition research on astronauts? Choose NASA/Johnson Space Center for a research rotation! Would you like to work with patients recovering from cancer? MD Anderson Cancer Center is a great place to be a clinical intern! How about corporate food service? Our interns can choose a rotation at the corporate headquarters for Sysco. Our Wellness and sports nutrition rotation includes multiple sites ranging from corporate wellness to health clubs. Whatever your area of interest, we probably have something right up your alley!
Distance track: Interns in the distance track are able to pick their sites and preceptors in their geographical area anywhere in the US. They are able to design a personalized internship experience based on their interests.

Choice. Another unique feature of the UH internship. Interns are encouraged to actively participate in planning their unique internship experience. All interns must complete the required number of hours in the emphasis areas of clinical, food service management, community, research and sports and wellness - where you get the experience is based on your preferences. (Note: site placement is dependent upon availability).

27 weeks. Between tracks interns have the flexibility to complete the 27 weeks (1000 hours) of rotations over 3 semesters. During rotations UH interns work 40-50 hours each week, no holidays. This program is designed for students who are ready to hit the ground running! You need a solid academic background, full-time work experience and a positive attitude to be successful here.

Tuition. Tuition charges for the program are competitive with other internship programs (Note - Stand Alone Tracks: UH interns are not considered UH students and therefore are not eligible for financial aid, university health insurance or student visas.)

Scholarships are available through your state and local dietetic associations as well as American Dietetic Association - check with your Didactic director for more information.

Diversity. Houston is the fourth largest city in the nation with substantial populations of cultures from around the world. Regardless of where you are from, you will feel at home here! UH internship is proud of our diversity and we welcome international applicants. Speak a foreign language? You’ll be in demand here!

Still interested? Read on to find out about our application process and requirements and check out our current site list to see what you might find interesting. Questions? Email our director at We look forward to hearing from you!